We contribute to the evolution of corporate training

     Our team works every day to promote learner autonomy and to boost the professional and personal skills of employees.

A typical day for a team member

  • Behind your screen or by appointment 70% 70%
  • On lunch or coffee break 25% 25%
  • In a gif battle on slack 5% 5%




Creation of our startup


The trusted learning experts for Sitel Group


We are celebrating our 100 active customers!

The values that bring us together 

Working for Edflex means being committed to changing the way we think about corporate training. It means buying into the initial mission of our co-founders: To facilitate access to training worldwid.


Each team member is unique. At Edflex, we are anti-routine and share ideas that are central to our actions.


What’s our startup atmosphere like? Lots of teamwork and collaboration. Weekly aperitifs. Fierce foosball fights. Shared moments for greater cohesion and efficiency!


The 2 keys to achieving our goals: Determination and perseverance. Our passion drives our motivation to develop training!


Our customers are our number 1 priority! Being apart of the #Edtech ecosystem requires constant adaptation to changing business needs..


Taking risks and learning from our mistakes is how we produce our best work. We live and learn!

+300 000

annual visitors

My Mooc & Edflex

At the origin of our company: the My Mooc.com platform. An initiative open to everyone, that is completely free, and makes it easier for online users to find their way among existing online offers. A platform for people looking for work, retraining, and/or those who do not have access to training (developing countries, more remote regions). We continue to develop My Mooc and feed its 300,000 monthly visitors with quality content from the best universities in the world. 

Edflex team members

Eva | Sales executive

Rémi | Co-founder & COO

Charlotte | Head of marketing & communications

Clément | Co-founder & CEO

Arnaud | Solutions & partnerships manager

Marine | Customer Success Manager

Johnny | CTO

Audrey | CX Manager

Paul | Leads Sales

Cassandra | UX/UI designer

Raphaël | Learning Consultant

Laura | Customer Success Manager

Romain | Front-end Developer

Ophélie | Learning consultant

Artur | Learning consultant

Samuel | Back-end Developer

Benjamin | Front-end Developer

Arthur | Sales development representative

Antoine | Back-end developer

Hugo | Learning Consultant

Théo | Content Manager

Maxime | Dev ops